What’s Your Digital Number?

Do you know what your digital number is? At a time when 77% of patients find their physicians online, you need to know just how easily accessible your practice is on the web. That’s what your digital number is: a way to accurately measure your existing presence online and offer you solutions to improve it. Many practices don’t have a good sense of their brands online awareness, but with a new marketing service called My Digital Number, you can learn your digital “score” and work towards maximizing your online presence in way that’s simple, easy, and incredibly effective.

What’s “My Digital Number?”

Like any practice, you want to be easily accessible to your patients. So, how do you harness the power of the web so patients can find you in just a few clicks? That’s where My Digital Number comes in. My Digital Number will run a thorough analysis on your website, social media accounts, online reviews, and more to give you a quantifiable measurement of how your business is doing online. Better yet, we’ll show you how to improve your rankings and increase your visibility so patients can get informed and get acquainted with your practice with ease.

Increase Your Rank

Gone are the days of word-of-mouth recommendations; nowadays, patients like to do their own research for healthcare providers. We know two of the biggest deciding factors for patients are a practice’s search engine ranking and online reviews, so My Digital Number will perform a thorough online audit of YOUR practice and use the data to help you increase your ranking.

As part of our complete solution we can then create new accounts or optimize your existing Social Media Profiles on a wide range of platforms to make your brand look professional and provide the consistency needed to build audiences. Monthly services include creation and scheduling of content for your social media platforms, monitoring, growth and paid ad management. We offer a completely hands off solution for your practice to have a professional, consistent, branded presence online so that potential patients can find you quickly and easily.

Increase Your Ratings

People are people, and whether they’re finding a practice through the web or a family friend, they want a practice they can trust. It’s why so many people take the time to search through reviews and patient comments online—it’s an efficient way to get a sense of how your practice is seen by the community. My Digital Number can help with that; as part of our service, we’ll promptly respond to patient posts to make sure your practice is engaged and responsive to all patients.

You don’t have to navigate the complexities of online marketing alone; My Digital Number can help you put your practice front and center in the online sphere. What are you waiting for? To find your digital number, visit their website, Facebook, or Twitter and see how easy it is to build your online presence.