Discomfort at the bridge of the nose

Discomfort in the nose feeling that in his eyes, the bridge of my nose is itchy, you should visit a doctor. This sign appears not only because the eyes got garbage. Often it becomes a symptom of a reaction to an allergen or the development of bacterial and infectious diseases. If discomfort in the eye at the bridge of the nose is accompanied by redness, swelling, tearfulness, pain, do not refuse to make an appointment with a doctor.Ultrasound of the eye
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Ultrasound of the eye Ultrasound examination of the visual organs is a diagnostic measure aimed at studying the structure of the eye and the state of blood flow in it. Thanks to it, they are identified:

Opacities in the lens.
Changes in the visual muscles.
The presence of signs of inflammation.
Dimensions of the eye socket.
Thickness of adipose tissue.

With the help of ultrasound, the fact of getting a foreign object into the eye is also confirmed. The parameters of the foreign body and the location of its localization are determined.

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