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Dr. Robert Maloney, L.A. | Dr. Michael Rotholz, ON | Dr. Roy Rubinfeld, MD | Dr. Eric D. Donnenfeld, NY | Dr. Joseph Tauber, MO | Mr. Arthur Cummings, Ireland | Dr. Peter Hersh, NJ | Dr. Jerry Nolfi, ON | Dr. Michael C. Knorz, Germany | Dr. Noel Alpins, Australia | Dr. Kerry Salsberg, ON | Dr. Terry Kim, NC | Dr. Christopher J. Rapuano, PA | Dr. Jason Morris, ON | Dr. Roberto Pinelli, Switzerland | Dr. Kirsten North, ON | Dr. Ernest W. Kornmehl, MA | Dr. Robert Beldavs, MB | Dr. Julian Stevens, London | Dr. David R. Hardten, MN | Dr. Beth Lennox, ON | Dr. William Trattler, FL | Dr. Ike Ahmed, ON | Dr. José Luis Güell, Spain | Dr. Randy Epstein, IL | Dr. Sohel Somani, ON | Dr. Michael Bense, NL | Dr. Olivia Dam, BC | Dr. Paul Cohen, ON | Dr. Guillermo Rocha, MB
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