Eye exercises for ptosis

Eye exercises for ptosemiogymnastics – a chance to avoid surgery for ptosis. Performing exercises takes a lot of time. But it brings a tangible effect. The purpose of exercises for the eyes when the upper eyelid is lowered is to strengthen the muscles, improve blood circulation. They are carried out in compliance with the following sequence:

Do a warm-up session. With your eyes wide open, make circular movements with them while considering the surrounding environment. After that, you need to close your eyes without closing them. Repeat these steps several times.
Perform 6 sets of exercise #1. Open your eyes as much as possible. Hold them for at least 10 seconds. Close your eyes tightly, tensing your muscles for 10 seconds.
Perform exercise #2 until you feel pain in your muscles. Use your index fingers to lightly press down on your eyebrows. Draw your eyebrows together so that no wrinkles form.
Massage your eyebrows. To do this, perform stroking movements with your index fingers. Gradually increase the speed of movement and the force of pressure.

If there are infectious foci (ulcers, etc.) on the upper eyelid, postpone the exercise until you get rid of them. Ignoring this recommendation can increase the risk of infection spreading to the eye.

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