How To Choose the Best Dermatology Clinic

Whether you have a specific skin concern or you’re just looking to build a relationship with a dermatologist, choosing the best clinic for your needs takes time and serious research.

Here are some things to look for when choosing the best dermatology clinic:

1) Credentials

Each country typically has one internationally recognized dermatological association. Is your doctor boarded with that official society or association?

In the United States and Canada, there is a minimum of 12 years of college and post-graduate training required to become a dermatologist. Do a quick search online or simply ask your dermatologist to ensure they have the proper credentials.

2) Specialty

All dermatologists are not created equal. If you have a specific skin type or skin concern, make sure to ask your prospective dermatologist if he or she specializes in that particular treatment. To learn more about dermatology treatments click here.

3) References

References or referrals from a trustworthy source are a great way to ensure you’re in good hands. A good place to start is the Leading Medical Clinics of the World® website. We’ve selected the very best dermatologists in the world – our process includes voting by medical colleagues, reviews by the public, and a final evaluation by our International Medical Advisory Board. Find a leading dermatology clinic near you.

4) Time

The best dermatology clinics should offer some after-hours care. You want your derm to be responsive and available should you have a pressing question or concern about your treatments.

5) Atmosphere

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the overall ambiance of the clinic should make a good first impression.

What you should look for is a clean office and waiting room with a friendly, helpful and well-organized staff. A good dermatology clinic should inspire trust from the moment you walk in.