How Healthcare Review Sites Work

Did you know that one in five internet users have at some point used healthcare review sites to help them choose a healthcare provider? If you’re not sure what healthcare review sites are, now’s the time to find out. Healthcare review sites are useful online websites that can help patients decide on what kind of physician to go to, and they’re quickly replacing the traditional word-of-mouth model and referrals from family and friends. However, healthcare review sites aren’t just useful for patients, they can be useful for physicians, too.

Learning More

Many of these healthcare review sites will gather information about physicians and make an entire profile for them, often containing important information about a doctor’s education, their specialties, where they practice, and their general career history. These profiles are easy ways for patients to learn more about a doctor and what their experience and qualifications are. For physicians wanting to correct certain information or who want to add a bit more detail, many sites allow a physician to claim their profile or to contact their site to request changes. Some sites even allow physicians to write statements on their profiles so that it has more a personal touch.

Finding Healthcare Providers, Hospitals, and Clinics

Many healthcare review sites often have settings that will let them filter through all the providers in their area by whether they take their insurance, the physician’s specialty, the physician’s gender, the type of services a hospital or clinic offers, and so much more. These features make it easier for the patient to find the perfect match for them, so to speak.

Leaving Reviews

The reviews are the most crucial part of these sites, with many of them offering an overall view of a hospital or physician using a rating system gathered from patient reviews. Patients make accounts with these sites, and can leave comments or ratings, usually out of 5 stars. These reviews and ratings will be visible on a hospital or provider’s profile. Many of these sites are thorough enough that patients can leave ratings on different aspects of their experience, for instance, they can rate the quality of care for different treatments for an entire hospital, a physician’s bedside manner, and even things like waiting room times. These little details can form an overall portrait of what it’s like to work with a physician or hospital.

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