Digital Marketing Tip #1: Online Reviews, The New Way To Build Patients

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What is Leading Medical Clinics of the World®?

LMCW® is a growing network of the Best Doctors and Clinics from around the globe.

We help our members enhance their online reputation and grow their practice. The LMCW® program uses an innovative marketing strategy to help attract and convert the online healthcare consumer.

How Do You Become a Member?

Black review stamp Members are referred by their colleagues or a clinic can request a review. All candidates are vetted by our Medical Research Team and approved by our Medical Advisory Board which includes Doctors in each speciality.

Green accept stamp Once approved, a Membership Proposal will be sent to you. Simply accept and the LMCW® on-boarding begins.

What Is Included?

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  • Membership. Your membership is for 1 year with first right to renew for your location.
  • Exclusivity. A geo-fenced zone around each clinic where no other competing clinic will be allowed.
  • Reputation Management. For 1 doctor or practice with review widget for display of your positive reviews on your website.
  • Optimized Practice Profile. Custom designed profile on the LMCW® website with backlink to your website for SEO benefits.
  • Digital Marketing. All LMCW® marketing seamlessly integrates with your current marketing and SEO efforts.
  • Promotion on LMCW® Social Media. Facebook/Twitter/Google.
  • Professionally Written Blog. Each week a featured clinic will be posted to our social media.
  • Private Facebook Group. A convenient way to share new ideas and read about your colleagues.
  • Plaque. A beautifully designed testament for your office that shows new patients instant credibility.
  • Membership Logo. For your website—this builds your brand and helps convert more visitors.
  • Training. An in-depth 1-hour reputation management webinar where your team is trained.
  • Ongoing Support. Full phone and email access to our customer care teams.


  • How Do People Find Our Profiles?
    We attract qualified healthcare traffic using best practices for SEO including online reputation management; positive review display; social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Google; weekly blogs featuring member practices; key words and phrases; links to our member’s website and backlinks from our member logo to their LMCW® profiles; Google advertising; a trusted network of the top doctors that is gaining public awareness.
  • I Have Multiple Locations. Can They All Be Listed?
    As long as the locations all are in the same medical specialty, then yes we can list multiple locations.
  • How Do You Select Doctors?
    It begins with a nominee being referred from our extensive network of the top healthcare practitioners in their fields. Doctors can also request a review for membership. Each nominee receives a comprehensive review by our research team and Medical Advisory Board, looking at their medical board history, public profile, and reputation. Once accepted, members must answer a series of legal questions confirming their medical board history. Each year upon renewal, members are reviewed and must answer the legal questions again. All of our members are Board Certified.
  • I Have Multiple Doctors in My Practice. Can They Be Added to My Profile?
    Yes. Each additional doctor must be vetted and approved prior to being added to your profile.
  • Does This Affect My Current Marketing and SEO?
    No. All of our marketing services seamlessly integrate with your current programs and enhance the SEO you receive.
  • How Does Reputation Management Work?
    Reputation management is included for 1 doctor or the practice at one location in your annual membership for your LMCW® profile. Online reputation management is one of the greatest assets a doctor can have today. This protects their hard-earned reputation, disputes negative reviews, and generates positive reviews shown to increase income by up to 10% in a Harvard study. Additional doctors can be added.
  • Can I Refer Other Doctors?
    Yes. In fact, we ask each member for a few references for colleagues in their field of specialty, outside of their immediate location. This is one way in which our network of the best is growing.
  • What is Location Exclusivity?
    Each member receives a geo-fenced zone around their practice location where no other competing clinic in the same medical category will be granted membership. Sometimes there will only be 1 clinic in a city, depending on the population density. This provides our members another competitive advantage.
  • How Do I Find Out More?
    You can contact us at, by calling our toll-free number 844-444-5629 (LMCW®), or by filling out the Request a Review contact form at the top of this page.