Lenses in glasses: types

Lenses with glasses: vinylacetate lenses mounted in goggles, so big that it is hard enough to understand. The table will help to systematize this aspect.
Symptom classification Type of lenses Characteristic traits
The Mineral material (glass) High degree of vision correction, oxygen transmission; resistance to scratches with general fragility; high weight
Polymer (plastic) Reliability; impact resistance; increased safety; light weight
Design Spherical with the Same radius of curvature
Aspherical Non-spherical shape of one or both surfaces; low degree of optical image distortion
Bi-aspherical Two surfaces of the lens are aspherical; a larger space falls into the field of view; the image is clearer
Bifocal Two foci, which is why a person sees well at long and short distances
Progressive or multifocal Three foci; a person sees well at long, medium and close range
Office Two focuses that allow you to work at close and medium distances
The index of refraction of 1.49 – 1.5 Standard lens to help with small diopters
1.5 High quality; lightweight
1.56 Ease; protection from ultraviolet radiation
1.61 Fineness; strength; high optical plan characteristics
1.67 40% thinner than normal; 6 times more durable
1.74 Very thin and strong; corrects severe diopter disturbances
Light transmission capacity Transparent Unpainted
Tinted Ones are painted in any color
Photochromic Adapts to light; protects from UV light
Polarizing Eliminates glare and discomfort in bright light
Purpose Computer Reduce the degree of fatigue and negative consequences when working at the monitor
Sunscreens Protect the visual organs from the radiation of bright light sources
Sports Withstand heavy loads when hit; protect the eyes from bright light
Coating Hardened Scratch resistance; increased wear resistance
Enlightened or anti-glare Reduce glare; increase image quality
Antistatic Reduced level of contamination
Hydrophobic Do not accumulate moisture due to the smoothness of the surface
Metallized The negative impact of the magnetic field is eliminated

It is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of glasses. What kind of lenses they are equipped with will affect the state of the visual organs.

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