Dr. Paul Kenna

LMCW Member ®

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr. Kenna has been assessing patients regarding refractive surgery at the Wellington Eye Clinic for more than 23 years. He has a long-standing interest in inherited eye diseases, particularly degenerations of the retina, the light-sensitive layer of the eye.

Dr. Kenna has developed an expertise in the assessment of retinal function be means of tests which analyse the electrical currents generated be the eye in response to a variety of stimuli.

Together with other researchers he has been instrumental in the identification of genes responsible for some of these potentially blinding inherited retinal degenerations.

The results of this research have been published in over 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Dr. Kenna was awarded a PhD in Genetics for his work.

He is hopeful that this research will lead to the development of treatments for these conditions.

Dr. Paul Kenna

Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland

Level 2, Ste 36 Beacon Hall, Beacon Court, Sandyford, Co. Dublin, Ireland