Mr. Arthur Cummings

LMCW Member ®

Mr. Arthur Cummings

Consultant Eye Surgeon & Medical Director. Head of the Department of Ophthalmology Beacon Hospital

Mr. Arthur Cummings is Consultant Eye Surgeon at the Wellington Eye Clinic and Consultant Ophthalmologist and Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Beacon Hospital. He has vast experience in LASIK and refractive and cataract surgery and is an internationally renowned expert on customised laser treatments, keratoconus treatments and cataract surgery.

Mr. Cummings has been at the Wellington Eye Clinic since 1998 after relocating from South Africa. He has performed more than 30,000 LASIK procedures and 8,000 cataract and other intra-ocular lens procedures. He is involved in lecturing and teaching refractive surgery both locally and internationally and has presented more than 250 lectures at international meetings on the topic of laser eye surgery, corneal cross-linking and cataract surgery. He presents the bi-annual WaveLight Refractive Fellowship Course to surgeons from all over the world and more than 200 ophthalmologists have already attended this course.

Many refractive surgeons from all over the world have come to the Wellington Eye Clinic to learn advanced techniques. In recognition of his contributions to refractive surgery world-wide, Mr. Cummings was awarded the WaveLight Global Ambassador Award in 2006. While he retains a strong interest in general ophthalmology, he continues to be involved in the latest developments in cataract and refractive surgery.

He is also a member of the WaveLight Beta Site group and on the medical advisory boards of a number of international companies for lasers and IOL’s (intra-ocular lenses). He is a reviewer for many of the field’s foremost journals (e.g. Journal of Refractive Surgery and the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery) as well as being Associate Chief Medical Editor of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today Europe. He is the current President of the European Division of AECOS (American European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery) and serves on the board of the American European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery. For further information see

Mr Cummings has a personal website too. For those that require further information, it can be accessed via


Mr. Arthur Cummings

Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland

Level 2, Ste 36 Beacon Hall, Beacon Court, Sandyford, Co. Dublin, Ireland


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