What Doctors Are Saying About LMCW®

“I am thrilled with the Leading Medical Clinics of the World® Membership Program, which includes Reputation Management. Reputation Management through LMCW® is a must for any practice looking to be the best in their field. Adding more positive reviews has enhanced our reputation helped our practice grow and prosper.

Online patient reviews are now commonplace for most healthcare providers, and like it or not, these reviews impact patient perception of the service level and quality of care provided at our practice. It’s not only new patients who are searching out these reviews in order to make informed choices as to who will provide them with their healthcare. Our existing patients are also online making sure that we are highly rated.

It is so important to have a finger on the pulse of your online review presence yet this often involves tremendous time and staff resources. The LMCW® team of Reputation Management experts took all of this off of our hands. I receive an email from LMCW® anytime a patient review is posted on the most common review sites. I no longer have to spend the time searching the dozens of sites on a routine basis to see what patients are saying about me, my associates, and my office. Moreover, LMCW® review cards that are customized for my practice can be handed out to patients upon completion of their exam so that they can easily share their positive experience with others. This means more positive reviews across more review sites. On the odd occasion that I receive a negative review, LMCW® informs me immediately so that I can not only respond to the patient but also address any service level deficiencies in my office. They also offer dispute resolution and can write a HIPPA compliant response and post these on our behalf. We subscribed all of our staff and we are now consistently generating positive reviews every week.”

– Dr. Kerry Salsberg, Eyes on Sheppard

“LMCW® promotes the “Best of the Best” in Healthcare by enhancing the reputation of the clinic and doctors. I have signed up for their service, which helps us enhance our reputation and grow our practice.

LMCW® is a growing international healthcare company whose goal is to develop a network of the top clinics in the world, and do for doctors and clinics what Relais & Chateau has done for the top hotels and resorts in the world. We are part of a trusted network of clinics & docs that our practice is proud to be associated with. The company has developed an innovative strategy for enhancing the online reputation of doctors. I know you will enjoy meeting Randy.”

– Dr. Robert Maloney, Maloney Vision Institute

“It’s really all about trust. As a subspecialist, I often refer patients out to other doctors and want to be sure they are going to an expert, caring physician. Over the years, like many of my colleagues, I’ve used an informal network of people I know I can trust, both locally and internationally. Because the doctors in this network are vetted and recommended by their peers, The Peer-Peer Network of the Leading Medical Clinics of the World® helps expand and ensure the quality of the doctors I can trust to take excellent care of my patients who trust me.”

– Dr. Roy Scott Rubinfeld, MD, MA Re:Vision Washington DC