Vision Source London Optometrists are licensed to treat eye disease. Through prescription eye drops and oral medications we manage conditions such as:
Eye Infections
Eye Allergies
Lid Infections
Dry Eye

We co-manage many conditions with Medical Doctors / Ophthalmology such as:
Ocular complications of Diabetes
Macular Degeneration and other retinal disease
Corneal dystrophies and degenerations
Stroke and damage to visual system secondary to vascular disease (e.g. hypertension)
Ocular adverse effects from medications (e.g. Prednisone, Hydroxycholoquine)

Vision Source London provides Urgent Eye Care services for emergencies such as:
Eye Infections (pink eye or contact lens issues)
Eye Pain / Trauma (scratch of foreign body in eye)
Lid Infections (sty)
Seeing Flashes or Floaters
Sudden vision change or loss
Sudden visual field change or loss

We perform ocular health exams and refraction for glasses and contact lens prescriptions:
Ministry of Transportation reports
Work Related Eye Exams
Applications for police, fire departments
Independent Medical Examinations for insurers and case managers

Independent consultation for laser surgery options:
TLC Affiliate
Kamra Inlay for reading (KAMRA)

Independent consultation for non-laser refractive surgery options:
Natural lens replacement
Astigmatism correcting lens options
Limbal relaxing

Vision Source London provides glasses for any budget:
Value Packages
Prescription Sunwear
Designer eye wear – Ray-Ban and others
Specialty lenses for office/computer, night driving

We fit all types of contact lenses:
Soft Lenses
Soft Lenses for Astigmatism
Rigid Lenses
Specialty contact lenses for high prescriptions, irregular corneas and bifocal
Theatrical tinted contact lenses for dance and performance

Children’s Vision Services. Have your child’s vision checked before their 3rd birthday!
Lazy Eye (amblyopia) therapy
Pediatric examinations
See Teddy Bear eye exams ­čśë
Vision Source is part of the IVEY institute of Ophthalmology iSee program
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Vision Source London

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