The Switzerland Eye Research Institute was founded in Lugano in late 2013 by Dr Roberto Pinelli. An eye-surgeon and researcher with decades of experience in the field, Dr Pinelli has garnered international acclaim for pioneering new surgical procedures to treat visual defects and for patenting new pharmaceuticals which have been marketed by multinationals operating in the field of ophthalmology.

A centre of excellence in Canton Ticino, SERI is a point of reference for research and surgical innovation in the field of ophthalmology. It is dedicated to treating all types of visual defects (including presbyopia) using scientifically accredited surgical procedures that are rigorously non-invasive, bilateral, and pain-free, both during and after the surgery. Specialised primarily in refractive surgery, a branch of ophthalmology that focuses on corrective eye surgery, the Switzerland Eye Research Institute is committed also to the diagnosis and personalised treatmentof retinal diseases, and to providing sensitive and expert care to the younger patients and their parents.

Switzerland Eye Research Institute

Riva Paradiso 2, 6900 Paradiso, Switzerland