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The Plastic Surgery Clinic is a fully equipped surgical facility. We have the most modern medical equipment available including several lasers and high technology patient monitoring equipment. We are innovators in many areas of plastic surgery including such advances as endoscopic brow and eyelift which improves the droopiness of the upper lid with tiny incisions above the hairline.

We are one of the first surgical facilities to offer Micoraire Power Assisted Liposuction which performs liposuction with less bruising and faster healing. Breast augmentation advances include almost invisible incisions in the armpit, bellybutton or around the edge of the areola. The clinic operates sophisticated lasers such as the Feather Touch laser for wrinkle removal and the Cool Touch laser which improves wrinkles without any redness or down time.

Dr Lista is Past Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Trillium Health Center (The Mississauga Hospital) so patients may choose to have their surgery at our clinic or at the hospital. The clinic meets standards for elective and emergency care similar to those in place at the hospital. All surgeries at The Plastic Surgery Clinic are performed by Dr. Lista, who is a certified specialist in plastic surgery. This means that patients benefit from the knowledge and experience of a highly trained plastic surgeon.

If your operation requires a general anesthetic, then other doctors who are certified specialists in anesthesia will give you the anesthetic, stay with you while Dr. Lista performs the entire operation and be with you when you wake up.

Plastic surgery is a constantly evolving medical science. Changing techniques, sophisticated technologies and new ideas make plastic surgery an exciting and ever improving field of medicine. Dr Lista has traveled to symposia and meetings all over the world. He has visited surgeons in many other countries to keep abreast of developments in his field. Since 1987 Dr Lista has given over 50 presentations and lectures on plastic surgery at medical meetings, conventions and to lay organizations. He has been asked to appear on radio and television on many occasions to discuss the latest developments in plastic surgery.

The Plastic Surgery Clinic

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