At Laserderm, world renowned dermatologist and laser skin specialist Dr. Sharyn Laughlin masterfully blends clinical dermatology with the art and science of cutaneous lasers for optimal patient care. Dr. Laughlin is a pioneer in the field of laser dermatology, and has been involved in laser research and laser skin surgery since the 1980’s. Click here to learn more about Dr. Sharyn Laughlin

Medical and aesthetic dermatologic concerns are addressed with a carefully planned regimen, which may include a broad range of therapeutic treatment options. Dr. Laughlin and her highly qualified staff at Laserderm will give you what your skin deserves… the best care possible.



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The Laserderm Story

Dr. Laughlin is one of a select group of three Canadian dermatologists who started the sub-specialty of laser dermatology in 1983. A Canadian pioneer in dermatologic laser surgery, she received her early training from Dr. Leon Goldman, the renowned “father” of laser surgery.

For over 25 years Laserderm has provided unique expertise in laser skin surgery to over 100,000 patients from across Canada, the USA, and as far away as Greece, Malaysia and Brazil. Expertise comes best from formal specialty training and long experience. Laserderm medical director Sharyn Laughlin has been a board certified dermatologist (Canada, U.S.A.) since 1981. A specialist in laser skin surgery since 1983, Dr. Laughlin has been immersed in every aspect of laser medicine‑ research, teaching, and patient care.

Laserderm was established in 1987 as a national and international treatment centre to treat portwine stain birthmarks. In 1991, the Ontario Ministry of Health selected Laserderm to be a licensed Independent Health Facility for the laser treatment of vascular lesions. It is still the only such facility in Ontario and is a leading research and teaching centre for the development of new technology. Laserderm’s academic links include a major contribution to training physicians who now perform laser skin surgery. Over 800 physicians worldwide have received training in cutaneous laser surgery from Dr. Sharyn Laughlin.

Mission Statement

Our guiding objective is to enhance the quality of laser medicine through specialized expertise, innovative technology and a commitment to excellence in patient care. For over 25 years we have provided leadership in research, the development of new laser procedures, and the quality of clinical care. Our success is defined and achieved only when we meet and exceed the expectations of our patients.

Fellowship in Cutaneous Laser Surgery

The Division of Dermatology, University of Ottawa and Laserderm offer a 1 year training program in laser surgery for dermatologists certified by the Royal College, the American Board, or international medical graduates who obtain equivalency from the Royal College of Canada. Eligible candidates must have a license to practise in Ontario. Funding and a practice opportunity at the end of the fellowship is available for qualified Canadian citizens. Click here if you are a dermatologist or dermatology resident interested in applying for a Laserderm fellowship. Download the full curriculum for the fellowship year.

Dr. Laughlin played a lead role in developing treatment protocols for several laser manufacturers on how to best use their systems in most of the procedures you may need. Some of these laser manufacturers include: Candela, ESC, Laserscope, Sharplan, Spectrum,Palomar, and Syneron.

For the patient with wrinkles, sun damage, birthmarks, scars, skin tags and moles, stretch-marks, unwanted hair or tattoos, spider veins, aging skin, and non-surgical body-contouring goals: Laserderm provides every aspect of care-including the ability to diagnose and manage related or unrelated dermatologic problems. Their success in providing complete care is largely due to the local dermatologists and plastic surgeons who refer patients for laser surgery, and assist with important screening and follow-up. Patients can be assured that Laserderm is equipped with more than 25 laser/light and energy- based systems in order to provide the most innovative, safe and efficacious treatments available today. Dr. Laughlin offers patients the blended experience of over two decades in dermatology and laser skin surgery using an array of technology unavailable elsewhere in the National Capital Region.




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