Located in St-Lambert in 1981, the clinic Dr Marie-Christine Roy Centre de dermatologie esthétique au laser is characterized by its unwavering commitment to its customers who entrust the care of their skin and have been for over 2 generations in some cases! With this trust built over the years and always on the lookout for new scientific discoveries, Dr. Roy has met the challenge of the transition from a practice of high caliber university dermatology and mastering new technologies regeneration skin.

Today, Dr. Roy is proud to provide you with her laser dermatology clinic, her team of handpicked professionals, and a wide range of laser equipment and injectable products in order to get this welfare you are entitled to with confidence and is at the peak of the most recent developments in these two areas.


Dr Marie-Christine Roy Centre de dermatologie esthétique au laser

594 Av Victoria #200, Saint-Lambert, QC J4P, Canada
  • Address: 594 Av Victoria #200, Saint-Lambert, QC J4P, Canada
  • Phone: (450) 672-2885
  • Fax: N/A
  • Website: mcroy.ca

The clinic provides access to:

  • Laser hair removal with the LightSheer XC Diode
  • The treatment of rosacea and angioma with the pulsed dye laser Vbeam PERFECTA
  • The resurfacing (most invasive) and MicroLaserPeel with laser ERBIUM: YAG Sciton
  • The fractional photothermolysis laser FRAXEL RESTORE for the treatment of wrinkles, scars and skin texture, as well as laser CO2 fractional
  • SmartXide
  • The photorejuvenation skin (IPL) and (BBL)
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • The new treatment LIPOSONIX with high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)
  • Treatment of some pigmented lesions by green laser Velure S5
  • The microdermabrasion
  • The skin peels
  • Treatments Thermage (radio frequency) to restore tone to the skin of the face, neck, eyelids, arms, abdomen, seat and thighs with the new
  • Thermage CPT available from summer 2010.
  • The injections Botox®
  • The Softlift (term used to illustrate the improvement in the overall appearance of the face by the combination of filler substances and Botox® )
  • Filler injections