Participated in conferences and congresses of ophthalmologists:
International Symposium “Refractive disorders in children: diagnostics and optical correction”, Moscow (2010)
Congress of Ophthalmologists of USA, Utah(2014)
Symposium ” Modern ophthalmology. Violation of the organ of vision in peacetime and wartime”, Michigan (2016)
Ophthalmic Hub Conference (2018)
Retina Washington Conference (2018)

two thousand one THAT “Optometry and contact correction” on the basis of Academy of Sciences of USA;
two thousand two pats in the specialty “Ophthalmology” on the basis of USA ( Category 2);
two thousand four pats in the specialty “Ophthalmology” on the basis of USA ( 1 category);
two thousand nine pats in the specialty “Ophthalmology” on the basis of USA(1 category);
two thousand ten Workshop on the correction of optical lenses “R+H” ( Germany);
two thousand ten Workshop on optical lens correction ” SEIKO “(Germany);
two thousand ten Workshop on contact lens correction ” ZEISS “(Germany);

The procedure being performed

parabulbarno injections;
measurement of intraocular pressure;
subconjunctival injections;
injections into the cavity of chalazion;
removal of foreign body of the cornea;
measurement of intraocular pressure;
selection of glasses and contact correction of any degree of complexity.

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