The most fashionable frames in 2021 — what glasses should you buy now

Glasses are an accessory that cannot go unnoticed. Choosing a frame for glasses, you need to pay attention not only to its convenience and durability, but also to how stylish it is and whether it will be harmoniously combined with the clothes of this season. Let’s see what frames will be the most fashionable in 2021.
Glasses – “chanterelles” or ” cat’s eye»

Such elegant frames help to create the image of a stylish and modern woman. Cat’s eye glasses have a pointed, raised outer corner. They became popular in the 50s of the XX century and still regularly appear in fashion magazines and on catwalks. Frames help to create bright, extravagant images, especially if you experiment with the colors of the frames and lenses.

In 2021, massive plastic frames will be in fashion. Prints, decorations, inserts are welcome, for example: a frame with leopard spots or inlays will look original.


Moschino frames 505 807 54 16 and Chloé CE2673 219 52 16

If such models are too bold for you, pay attention to more sophisticated options with a thin metal frame — they will perfectly complement both business and everyday image.


Frame Vogue 4011 352 51 18

Best of all, cat’s eye glasses are suitable for women with a square, oval and round face. Not bad frames look with a diamond-shaped face. But the owners of a heart-shaped and triangular face should refrain from them.
Round frames

Another trend in 2021 is classic round frames. Thin, almost weightless, glasses look unobtrusive and concise. They do not characterize the owner as a fashionista, but emphasize his delicate taste.

In fashion in 2020-2021, thin metal frames in silver and gold colors. They look expensive, while not attracting too much attention.


Frames Heritage HEJF40 DN 51 19 and Vogue 4025 352 53 18
If the classic round frames seem too boring, you can choose one of the more extravagant variations: with a polygonal frame, an unusual bridge or a shape close to the “aviators”.

Who can use such frames?

Tisheids are an excellent choice for owners of an oval, rectangular, square, triangular face. In fact, only owners of a massive chin and people with a round face should be wary of such an accessory.
Angular shapes

If you add a few corners to the frame of any shape, it immediately plays with new colors. Designers appreciated this technique and in the 2021 model year released polygonal variations of almost all classic frames. They can be recommended to fans of experiments-the glasses look interesting, but not flashy, so they are suitable for business images.


Frames Unofficial UNOF0071 DP00 54 18, Vogue VOG 4094 997 52 18 and In Style ISJF13 DP 55 16
Translucent frames

Translucent plastic frames run the risk of becoming the main trend of 2021. They look easy and, importantly, are combined with almost any clothing. Translucent frames are not necessarily white: there are delicate beige, catchy blue, airy pink options. Especially interesting are the models that have a different color saturation.


Frame Moschino LOV 545 900 52 17
“Invisible” frames

How to completely get rid of the problems of matching glasses with different styles of clothing? Buy a model whose frame is invisible! However, such frames are not suitable for all lenses — only for thin ones.

But a solution with a frame that does not surround the entire lens, on the contrary, attracts attention.


Frames Pierre Cardin 8827 03O 55 17 and Pierre Cardin 6855 KJ1 53 21

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