Computer glasses: how they work, how effective they are, who needs to buy them

When you need glasses for your computer

It is difficult to find a person who spends less than 4 hours a day behind the screen of a computer or smartphone. Computers and gadgets give us a lot of opportunities for work, study, communication and leisure. But they can also “reward” us with fatigue, migraines, sleep problems and poor vision. Even right now, as you read these lines, you are negatively affected by the radiation from the screen. But do not sound the alarm and declare a boycott of technology, because there is an effective way to protect your eyes.
How computers harm your eyes

Blue light harms your eyes

Everyone knows that sitting in front of a screen for a long time is harmful, but not everyone knows why. However, it is very important to understand the causes, because this is the only way to neutralize them. While working at the computer for better concentration, a person unconsciously begins to blink less often. This leads to drying out of the cornea and a burning sensation, sometimes even a feeling of sand in the eyes. In addition, the eyes experience severe overload due to the constant flickering of the screen, which can cause irritation and discomfort. Incorrect screen settings are also dangerous: too high brightness, insufficient contrast, poor font size. Finally, poor image quality on the screen has a negative impact: for example, when you have to look at the picture to distinguish details. To prevent the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms, it is worth every 45 minutes to be distracted from working at the computer for 5-10 minutes and perform eye exercises.

But there is a much more insidious enemy, which can not be overcome with the help of exercises alone. And his name is blue light. What is it dangerous for?

Waves of blue light emitted by the screens of gadgets are on the border with ultraviolet light. Constant exposure to blue light causes degenerative changes in the retina and leads to myopia.
Blue light has a higher oscillation frequency than, for example, red or green. Because of this, we get tired faster and feel tension in the eyes up to a headache.
Blue light blocks the production of melatonin. This is a natural mechanism that makes us wake up cheerfully with the appearance of the sun and fall asleep at nightfall. But artificial blue light before going to bed, on the contrary, prevents you from falling asleep normally. Working at the monitor shifts the biological rhythm by about 3 hours, which is why a person who has been sitting at the computer for a long time in the evening can hardly fall asleep, even if he is tired.

Almost all modern devices have a green light filter function. It harms less than blue radiation, but still shifts the process of falling asleep for an hour and a half. Therefore, scientists advise to abandon the use of gadgets at least a couple of hours before bedtime. But how to protect your eyes the rest of the day?
How computer glasses work

Advantages of glasses for working at the computer

To comfortably spend time at the computer and protect your eyes from the dangerous influence of blue light, you should wear protective glasses. They come in two types.

Glasses with colored lenses, most often yellow or red. They successfully neutralize the influence of the blue spectrum, but distort the colors, which can be inconvenient to work with.
Glasses with transparent lenses, which are coated with a special coating that blocks blue light. If ordinary lenses pass it through, and sunglasses partially absorb it, then lenses for computer glasses reflect from 30 to 100 % of blue radiation, making it safe for the eyes. Such lenses do not distort colors, so you can not only work quietly at the computer, but also watch TV, scroll through the news feed from your phone, play on your tablet, etc.

By default, computer glasses are sold without diopters, as they are used by a variety of people, including those with good eyesight. But with a strong degree of myopia, you can order glasses with diopters.
Who should wear computer glasses

There are categories of people who are at risk and should not delay the decision to buy special glasses.

Those who spend a lot of time at the computer. Office workers, designers, programmers and representatives of similar professions who are forced to spend 8 or even more hours a day in front of the monitor. If you do not think about protecting your vision in time, it can get very bad within a couple of years.
Children. They have a very fragile lens, and the cornea is finally formed only at the age of 14, so until that time, the eyes need increased care. It is proved that the negative impact of computer and mobile radiation is one of the main causes of myopia in children.
People with visual impairments. Myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and other problems are a good reason to protect your eyes even more and not overload them.

Computer glasses are able to preserve vision, normalize biological rhythms and get rid of the feeling of fatigue and fatigue that often occurs after using a computer. Therefore, in our age, when technology is inextricably linked with life, everyone should think about buying protective glasses.
How to keep your eyesight while working at the computer for a long time: tips from optometrists

Special computer glasses are an excellent accessory, but it is advisable to use them in combination with other methods of maintaining perfect vision, so that the result is maximum. Here are some tips from experts of salons of optics “linzmaster”.

How to sit in front of a computer screen

Make sure that the workplace is organized correctly. In any case, you can not place the screen directly opposite the window, otherwise you can not avoid eye-tiring glare. The position facing the window is also unfortunate, because the light from the window will be too bright to hit the eyes.
The optimal distance to the monitor is 60-70 cm. The screen itself should be at eye level, so that you do not have to tilt or lift your head. The ideal angle of view on the screen is 15-20 °.
Keep your back straight. It is no coincidence that office chairs are made with a rigid back: if you hunch, stretch forward or pull your head into your shoulders, the vessels in the neck are squeezed. As a result, blood circulation is disrupted and, accordingly, the supply of blood to the eyes increases intraocular pressure. This has a negative effect on eye health.
Blink more often. This process is difficult to control, but you can follow it at least during breaks or watching video content. This way you can avoid the feeling of sand in your eyes.
Use drops. There are special formulations that help fight dry eye syndrome. They have almost no contraindications, they are not addictive, but they will relieve irritation and promote relaxation of the eye muscles.
Take breaks. You need to be distracted from the monitor every 30-45 minutes. It is best if you do eye exercises during the break.

By the way, another useful tip is to regularly visit an ophthalmologist to check your vision. In the salons of “Lensmaster” you can do it for free! You can make an appointment at any convenient time in one of the stores of the network.
What to pay attention to when choosing glasses

What computer glasses to choose

Different manufacturers use different lens manufacturing techniques. It is impossible to check the effectiveness of glasses in the store, this can be understood only after several hours of work at the computer. Therefore, when choosing glasses, you should first pay attention to the reputation of the store. The network of optical salons “Lensmaster” cooperates only with the best brands, provides all information about the models of glasses and lenses, and also gives a 100% guarantee on products.

As for the lenses, they must have a Blue Protect coating. It reflects blue-violet light waves and does not allow them to get into the eyes. Another useful feature of such lenses is the presence of protection against glare. Glasses are much more convenient to work behind the screen, which is especially important for designers, editors, and programmers. The Blue Protect coating can be applied to any lens: mono-, bifocal, progressive, etc.

Not the last role is played by the frame. Since it will have to be in it for a long time, it should be light, strong and with a reliable attachment. It is important that the shackles are flexible: this will allow you to put on and take off your glasses with ease. If you have the opportunity and desire to make the accessory more durable, apply shockproof and hydrophobic coatings and an antistatic layer to the lenses as well: this will make the use of glasses as comfortable as possible.

Eye health is something you shouldn’t skimp on. It is better to choose a high-quality frame with good lenses from a well-known brand than to pay for vision and constantly experience inconvenience. Take care of your eyes and be healthy!

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