How to distinguish the original Ray-Ban from a fake

The history of the Ray-Ban brand dates back to the 1940s. It was at this time that the famous Aviator sunglasses model was born. It was designed for American pilots, but quickly gained huge popularity among civilians. In 1999, the Italian company Luxottica Group bought the Ray-Ban brand and moved production from the United States to Italy. Since then, the brand has even more recognizable models of glasses and fans.

During its almost 70-year history, Ray-Ban has become the most famous and iconic brand of sunglasses and medical frames in the world, and many fashionistas dream of having the coveted “reybens”. Unfortunately, this is used in full by forgers, releasing huge batches of fakes (fakes) of the most famous Ray-Ban models. After all, the more popular the brand, the more manufacturers of counterfeit goods try to cash in on it.

Most likely, many people who consider themselves lucky owners of real “aviators” or waifarers from Ray-Ban, do not even suspect that they are walking in a fake. But no matter how high-quality a replica may seem at first glance, it’s still a shame to give the same amount for it as for a popular brand. In addition, with a fake, you risk not only money, but also the most valuable thing that a person has — health. After all, sellers of counterfeit goods can not give you any guarantees that their glasses are as well protected from UV rays as Ray-Ban products. So let’s see how the originals of “Ray-Ben” differ from the fakes.
Cost of sunglasses

Often, an inadequately low price helps to distinguish a fake. It is clear that the real “aviators” from Ray-Ban can not be bought on the market for 500 rubles. But there are unscrupulous sellers who try to sell a fake at the price of the original. In this case, the first alarm bell can be various discounts and promotions. The fact is that Luxottica and, accordingly, official resellers never provide discounts of 80-90 % on products — it is simply unprofitable for them. Collections are updated quite rarely, and they are already in high demand, so there is simply no need for this. For the same reasons, the official representative of the brand never has promotions like “A second pair of glasses for 500 rubles” or “Buy two pairs of glasses and get a third as a gift”.

How reliable is the store

2020-11-24_00-33-46. rpdpri buying glasses is worth paying close attention to the store. Don’t trust your Instagram or other social media pages. The official representative of Ray-Ban must have its own point or site, which or which can be broken through on the brand’s website: Offline stores should be searched in the first window, while the site domain can be checked at the bottom of the page. In the same tab, you can simply enter your city in the search and view a list of stores that sell real “reybens”.

In addition, you can distinguish a verified store by the following markers.

The name of the store or domain can not use the brand name Ray-Ban, this is an official requirement of Luxottica. It is also forbidden to use RB logos in the design of the site.
Another requirement of Luxottica-an official reseller must provide products in its range not only Ray-Ban, but also other companies. Therefore, if some point trades only RB, then this is a reason to think.
Pay attention to the assortment. As a rule, counterfeiters fake and sell only the most popular models of glasses like the same “aviators” and vayfarerov. While a certified seller can find a variety of models, including medical frames.
A certified reseller has the opportunity to bring any model or spare part available in the catalog of the official Ray-Ban website (lenses, cases, earplugs and others) under the order. While traders of burnt products are understandably deprived of this opportunity.

What should be the packaging

Even if you trust the store, it is not superfluous to pay attention to the glasses themselves to know exactly what you are paying for. Let’s start with the packaging. All models of glasses and frames are sold in a standard cardboard box with a length of 17 cm and a width of 5.5 cm. For most models, the packaging color will be gray. For some models (Tech, Craft), the color of the box is black, for limited collections-red. The box has two different valves, and it opens differently from its two ends. Whereas forgers often make them the same.

At the end of the package there is a sticker with important information about the product: barcode, article number, the degree of darkening of the lenses and the size of the frame shackle. The article consists of 7 characters. The first 3 — 0RB, symbol of the brand. Then there are 4 digits that identify the model. This data must match exactly with the engraved markings on the left arm of the glasses themselves.

s. The box must contain an official Ray-Ban case made of black or light brown leatherette (genuine leather is used only for some models), lined with black velour on the inside. On the case on the left outside there is a printed impression of “Ray-Ban”, gold on black cases and black on brown. And inside the case will be an almost imperceptible inscription “Case made in China”, because all Ray-Ban accessories are made in their factory in China.

In addition to the case, the box will contain a Ray-Ban booklet and a soft cloth napkin of light gray color with the company logo for the care of eyeglass lenses. Pay attention to the booklet — it should be well printed on glossy paper with a clear font and high-quality illustrations. The slightest defects, errors and inaccuracies are a reason to think about a fake.

Trust your feelings when evaluating the packaging. If you think that it is too bright or, on the contrary, too dim, poorly assembled, threads stick out of the case or poorly processed seams — all this is a reason to refuse to buy.

Logos and markings

If the packaging is relatively easy to fake, then the engraving on the glasses themselves is much more difficult for forgers to cope with. What marking should original frames from Ray-Ban have?

As mentioned above, on the left arm of the original Ray-Ban glasses, information from the packaging will be duplicated: the personal model number, the degree of darkening of the lenses and the size of the frame arm. Each digit in this code has its own meaning, so if you see some meaningless set of letters and numbers that can not be deciphered, then you are looking at a fake.
On the right side of the bow, information about the country of origin is engraved on the inside. It can be Italy or China depending on the model. For example, “aviators” are produced only in Italy.
On the left lens of the glasses there is a laser engraving of the letters RB. It happens both from the inside and from the outside. If the letters are painted, it is 100% fake, because the original is only engraved. But it is worth considering that there are several models, for example Ray-Ban Blaze Cat Eye, which do not have an engraving on the lens.

We should also mention the super-popular model Aviator. Since it is the main target of fake dealers, Luxottica has taken increased protection measures for “aviators”. This model has an additional engraving on the bridge between the lenses on the inside. Previously, there was an inscription “Ray-Ban” and 4 digits indicating the size of the frame. Since 2018, the inscription “Ray-Ban Made in Italy”has been engraved on this place. Also, the Aviator model has the letters RB engraved on the metal nose stops on the inside. This engraving is the most difficult to fake, so many manufacturers of fakes simply ignore it.

Frame Material

Ray-Ban frames are most often plastic or metal. Sometimes limited models made of wood are produced. In any case, whatever the frame is made of, you need to pay attention to its quality. Plastic frames are made from a single and carefully polished piece of acetate, so the original glasses simply can not have any glues, splinters, scuffs and other defects. If the glue is visible somewhere or the seams on the parts are clearly visible, then this is definitely a fake, and not the best quality.

If the frame is transparent, then you can see the rod in the shackles of the original Ray-Ban models. The company does not produce non-reinforced frames, as they are fragile and will last a short time.

When buying a metal frame, pay attention to small details. All bolts and hinges must be strong and firmly held in place. The shackles should not be loose.
Frame color

The company Ray-Ban produces its glasses in a fairly large color variety, and this applies to both frames and lenses. Especially unusual colors can be in seasonal, limited collections. But all possible colors of any model can be viewed on the official website of the brand:

If you are confused by something in the glasses, for example, the different color of the accessories and the frame itself, then just check the model on the website. This is the surest way to make sure that you are going to buy — the original or a fake.
Ray-Ban originals in ” Lensmaster»


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