About Us

LMCW® has Taken the Guesswork Out of Discovering Who’s the Best!

mature-couple-looking-at-laptopWe’ve Done Our Homework So You Don’t Have To

At Leading Medical Clinics of the World® (LMCW® ), we understand that finding the right medical practitioner can be a daunting task, so we have made this easier for you. LMCW®  is a healthcare network of the top international clinics & doctors that are peer nominated & reviewed. This is the most trusted type of referral network today.


Listen to our podcast to hear Randy Marks, founder of LMCW® discuss LMCW® in more detail. You’ll hear him talk about the goal for LMCW®, what encouraged him to start LMCW®, how LMCW® members are vetted, the benefits of being a LMCW® member, and what makes LMCW® different.

How We Select Our Members

It begins with a nominee being referred from our extensive network of the top healthcare practitioners in their fields. In some cases clinics can be referred by doctors outside of our network. Before we can accept a clinic for Membership to LMCW® , we put each nominee through a comprehensive review process. Here their medical history, public profile, and reputation are thoroughly researched and documented. They must answer a series of legal questions confirming their medical board history. This ensures that each doctor and clinic meets an extremely high standard. Finally, nominees are reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board, all of who are highly regarded by their peers.

LMCW® is a Peer to Peer referral network of the top clinics & doctors. Our exclusive membership ensures that we provide only the highest level of healthcare providers to choose from. This is the most trusted type of network by both patient and doctors today!


All of the Doctors at our member clinics are all Board certified, which ensures that they have the proper training and expertise.

Our member clinics must also re­submit an application on an annual basis and meet the membership criteria to requalify. This ensures that their certifications are still valid and they have maintained a track record of medical excellence. We have set the bar high to give you the peace of mind you deserve when choosing a healthcare provider.